Associated Firms / Companies:

Ceylon Secretarial Services Private Limited (CSSL) - was incorporated in 1972 with the objective of assisting the corporate secretarial services of our clientele. The Directors of the CSSL are also Lawyers. Thus, we have the added advantage of discharging Secretarial functions with legal precision. Hence it has gradually grown with a clientele of its own.

CSSL presently handles secretarial work for approximately 100 Companies ranging from Public Quoted Companies to Public Unquoted Companies, Private Companies and Registered Overseas Companies.

Courtesy Law Private Limited (CLL) - was incorporated in 1993 primarily to take care of the Intellectual property matters of our Clientele, now has grown to boast its own clientele, 98% of the Clients being International. CLL presently handles a large volume of Registrations of Trademarks and Patents.

Global Network / Affiliations:

Advoc is a global Network of independent Commercial Law Firms.

This is a dynamic Association where inter alia work entrusted in other Jurisdictions by clients is referred to the member firm in the appropriate Jurisdiction and executed with utmost promptness. It was set up to meet the demand from businesses throughout the Globe for quality transnational legal services. Members have agreed to share accurate information on the law in each of the member’s countries; to keep abreast of social, political and cultural developments throughout the region; to respond immediately to the needs of clients of other ADVOC Asia firms. As such, any client of a member firm has the security of knowing that they can access top legal advice anywhere in Asia.

Our Firm is the only member in Sri Lanka of ADVOC. We were admitted to membership in 1992.

ADVOC has member firms in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America & North America.

ADVOC ASIA (which is the Regional Association of Commercial Law Firms) has members in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney (Australia), Batoo City, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Qingdao, Shanghai, (China), New Delhi, Mumbai (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Auckland (New Zealand) Manila (Philippines), Colombo, (Sri Lanka) Singapore, Seoul (South Korea), Bangkok (Thailand) Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Jakarta (Indonesia).

Being a member of the Advoc Asia arm, our Firm has developed a network globally of international clients.

This has given us an opportunity to continue the development of this truly Global Network capable of delivering world class customer service in all key economic regions across the globe.

The Advoc web site provides Associate Firms with easy access to the most up to date information.

Thus, we have been able to assist and provide information and legal advice solicited by Clients whose businesses extend world-wide.

With its close relationship to ADVOC Europe, ADVOC North America and ADVOC Latin America, ADVOC Asia also offers clients access to expert legal advice throughout Europe.

The Firm has correspondents mostly legal firms, in several countries all over the world who refer matters to us. These include United States, United Kingdom, Bermuda, Chile, Bangladesh, India, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ecuador, California, Philippines, France, Italy, Spain, Peru, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Bahamas, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Scotland, Sweden, Belize, Switzerland, Panama, Argentina, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Holland, Brussels, Portugal, Nigeria, Egypt, El-Salvador, Belgium, Korea, Ghana, South Africa, Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Austria, Pakistan, Guatemala, West Indies, Venezuela, Cyprus, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Germany, Israel and Australia. In view of the close relationship enjoyed by the firm with these correspondents, the Law and Procedure prevailing in each Jurisdiction is kept updated from time to time.
Partners at varied intervals had participated/attended conferences /discussions/represented the Firm etc in different parts of the world.

TeqLaa Group Inc- USA- Business/ Global Technology Advisers. Visit Wesite:
Contact : Shanika Weerasundara- Attorney at Law – Washington USA/ Sri Lanka

Irish Bentley Lawyers- Brisbane , Australia
Contact : Nihard Thassim – Para Legal / Attorney-at-Law Sri Lanka

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