Our Partners, & the entire Professional Staff including the Associates are in addition to being lawyers, Notaries Public (licensed to practice in English), Commissioners of Oath. The professional staff are also licensed to practice as Company Secretaries. Our Partners and some of the professional staff & the assisting secretarial staff have been with us growing together as a family for an unbroken 25 years to 45 years.

Our panel of Counsel of over 50 Legal Consultants includes some of the most eminent and sought after Counsel in the island including President’s Counsel and Senior Attorneys.


Pradipa Jayatilaka:
27 Years of Work Experience in the Firm in the areas of Civil Litigation, Company Law/ Incorporations of Companies, Intellectual Property and Notarial .

Professional Assistants:

Ms.Ganga Rajapakse:
Attorney-at-Law/ Notary Public - Over 25 Years of Experience


Lakshman Jayatilaka:
Retired Precedent Partner having 46 years of work experience with the Firm in all Civil Litigation, Company Law/ Incorporations of Companies and Intellectual Property. Retired from the Firm since September 2017.
Upali Jayatilaka:
Solicitor of England & Wales,(LLM; HCA), Criminal Duty Solicitor, Member of Family Panel, Senior Caseworker and Supervisor in Immigration Law Over 40 Years of work experience. Acted as a Senior Lecturer of Law College in 2016.
Shanika Weerasundara:
Attorney-at-Law (Washington, USA/Sri Lanka) ; Global Technology Counsel, Washington, USA

Associates & Lawyers:

Mr. Milinda Jayatilaka, Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public
Mr. Hiran Jayasuriya, Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public

Panel of Counsel:

Mr. Kushan D' Alwis - President's Counsel
Mr. Nihal Fernando - President's Counsel
Mr. Maithri Wickremasinghe - President's Counsel
Mr. Anura Meddegoda - President's Counsel - Specializes in Criminal Law
Mr. L B J Peiris - Attorney-at-Law &
Mr. Jaliya Bodinagoda - Attorney-at-Law &
Mr. Maithri Gunaratne - Attorney-at- Law &

Affiliated Legal Firm/s:
TeqLaa Group Inc- USA- Business/ Global Technology Advisers.
Contact : Shanika Weerasundara - Attorney at Law - Washington USA/ Sri Lanka.

Irish Bentley Lawyers- Brisbane , Australia
Contact : Nihard Thassim - Para Legal / Attorney-at-Law Sri Lanka

Member in Sri Lanka for ADVOC- ( Asia) - An Association/ Network of Commercial Law Firms in the world.

Career with us:

D. N Thurairajah & Co have openings for enthusiastic, dynamic, dedicated & career minded talented individuals who desire a rewarding work place. We emphasise on team effort and encourage communication and feedback.

Interested candidates could contact us for employment opportunities in the Professional cadre or as a member of the support staff.

Continuing Legal Education:

Attorneys-at-Law and partners are encouraged to participate actively in continuing legal education programmes, either as students or as instructors. Many local and even foreign Students-at-Law and apprentices as well as para legal personnel work in the firm from time to time to acclimatize themselves in the procedures and office activities etc. of a law firm.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

D N Thurairajah & Co continues to contribute to the community by extending its resources, expertise and legal advice to deserving causes.

We undertake Social responsibility by offering professional services, pro bono to various Societies and Associations and several under privileged deserving individuals, Viz, Battered women, women and children subjected to domestic Violence.

Amongst our regular clientele who fall in to this category are:-

Helpage, Peter Weerasekera Foundation, Oxfam International, So Others May See INC, Churches, & Temples.




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